Welcome to my 2020 Fall Home Tour, sponsored by Grandin Road.

Well, it’s my favorite time of year again…Fall.  I’ve loved the fall season for as long as I can remember.  I think it’s for many reasons…and I’ll share a few of them with you here in my 2020 Fall Home Tour.  For starters, we finally get to enjoy a little relief from the extreme summer heat here in Florida.  We may even get to open the windows and let in some fresh air!  I can break out the cozy yoga pants and oversized sweaters.  I can watch my favorite college and NFL football teams.   I find myself baking delicious recipes and making easy and tasty crock pot meals that make the entire house smell AMAZING.  I start thinking about decorating ideas for the upcoming holiday season.  And of course…I can enjoy my Pumpkin Spice Lattes!  The list goes on and on.  I think I’m simply a happier person this time of year.  Fall makes my heart sing!  How about you…what’s your favorite season?

Speaking of decorating for the upcoming holiday season, some of my all time FAVORITE fall and Christmas decorating pieces have come from Grandin Road.  I’ve been a customer for many years because I really appreciate the quality of their products. So it’s definitely a thrill to be able to partner with a brand I’ve been a customer of for so long, and to share some of my favorite products from their Fall 2020 line.  There is so much goodness to share, so let’s get started with the 2020 Fall Home Tour!

I’ll start with our front porch.  It honestly isn’t really a “porch.”  It’s a very narrow path into the front door.  But even the smallest entryway deserves some “fall love,” so I styled the front door with garland and urn planters from the Blushing Fall Collection.

To complete the look, I used this oversized doormat that says, “Hi, Pumpkin.”  Even Theo agrees, it’s a stylish way to say “come on in.”

Since we most likely won’t be hosting family this year,  I won’t be sharing a tablescape in this tour.  But I truly loved the look of the Blushing Garland so much, I decided to carry it into the foyer too.  I designed a cascade over the foyer entry mirror, and styled the console table underneath with this stunning Lacquer Pumpkin, in plum.

On the second entry console, I used the Hacienda Candle Holder Set and some very colorful pumpkin stems above them to style my “fall” sign.  I really love the Hacienda Candle Holder Set because it offers 5 different varying lengths, with the tallest one measuring in height at about 22” tall.  I think it looks perfect here.

I carried the Blushing Fall Garland right on into the family room and used it to style the mantel.  I offset all of the gorgeous colors with white accent pumpkins in the built-ins on each side.  We are really enjoying all of the beautiful and vibrant colors this year!  It makes things feel so light and bright, yet still warm and inviting.  I accented the sofa with textured blankets and throw pillows for a soothing and welcoming vibe.

In our newly renovated Master Bedroom, I kept it effortlessly simple, but STUNNINGLY beautiful with this Blue Cedar Cordless Garland.  After I got all of the rooms decorated, I decided that this is my favorite piece.  Like all of the Grandin Road garlands, it looks incredibly realistic.  But I love that the LED lights are truly “warm”…they look so pretty in the evenings from our bed.

I’m so excited to kick off this season with you!  I have a lot more content to share, so make sure you are following me on YouTube and Instagram so you don’t miss out on any of the content.  

Wishing you all a safe and happy fall season.

Love & peace

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